Negative Campaigning

Negative Campaigning

There are too many negative ads, and not enough people telling you what they will do. I am also deeply worried about what this behavior is teaching our children.

I feel that when I read rotten things about me, and I felt that when I saw a flyer that attacked my opponent in the school board race. I had no knowledge of, and no control over, that negative flyer about my opponent. It was wrong and it should stop now.

I am committing that my campaign will not run negative ads, or send negative flyers about the other candidates. I am also calling on anyone who supports me, even if they think they are being helpful, to stop focusing on what's wrong with others so I can focus on telling how I will make make schools better for every child.

Children learn in school, but they also learn by watching adults.

Let's act like the grownups they need to see.