Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted children have unique abilities and are capable of high performance relative to other children.  They need and deserve to have their intellectual and developmental needs met, just as our English language learners and special education students deserve services that meet their needs.  I am the parent of an advanced learner, and have had to make hard choices like many other Minneapolis parents about where to send my children to find what best meets their needs. My youngest daughter attends Anthony Middle School in Southwest Minneapolis, even though we live in North Minneapolis, because that was the school that best suited her pace and development needs.  I know that many parents in our city want to be able to make similar choices for their kids – in our city, not in another district.


Gifted students can also be twice-exceptional, which can make it harder for them to be identified as gifted and get the all the services they need. Some special education identifications, such as ADHD, can make a child’s giftedness less apparent to educators.