“There is no other public official I respect more than Don Samuels. He has spent years on the front lines building neighborhoods and helping children. Don has an unparalleled passion for making sure all children get the first-class education they deserve, and I proudly support him for School Board.
 R.T. Rybak, former Minneapolis Mayor

“I support Don Samuels for school board because he shares my values of equity and excellence and for elevating the teaching profession. Don's vision for empowering teachers will help MPS identify and retain teacher talent.
– Holly Kragthorpe, a Minneapolis Public Schools teacher and parent

Don Samuels will make a difference on the Minneapolis School Board. He speaks the truth and will fight for what is best for all of the children of Minneapolis.”
– Barb Johnson, Minneapolis City Council President

“This man is like a father figure to me. He has given me so much inspiration in my life. He believes that I can do great things in the future. And I know I can.”
– Antonio Hunt, college student
and South High School graduate

Don Samuels wants all kids to succeed, no matter where they go to school. If a school is getting results, he wants to learn why; if a school is struggling, he wants to give it the tools to improve. Don doesn’t lose sight of the big picture: schools are here to promote learning, achievement, and success for all students.”
Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council member

“Don is principled. Don is passionate. Don is courageous. 
We need Don Samuels on the Minneapolis School Board.
Don will bring a commitment to transparency and
to the School Board.

– Paul Ostrow, former Minneapolis City Council member


Endorsed by (check back soon for additional names):

Carla Bates - Minneapolis School Board
Judy Farmer - Former chair and member, Minneapolis School Board
Lisa Goodman - Minneapolis City Council
Barb Johnson - President, Minneapolis City Council
Paul Ostrow - Former Minneapolis City Council member
Josh Reimnitz - Minneapolis School Board
R.T. Rybak - Former Minneapolis Mayor
Gary Schiff - Former Minneapolis City Council member
Meg Tuthill - Former Minneapolis City Council member