Don Samuels for Minneapolis School Board

Don Samuels is a Minneapolis School Board Member elected in 2014. Don served on the Minneapolis City Council for three terms and ran for Minneapolis Mayor in 2013.

I am thrilled and honored by the thousands of people in Minneapolis who supported me on November 4th and throughout my campaign. We did it! Now, together, we can begin a new chapter in the story of Minneapolis Public Schools – one where we put the needs of kids first and fulfill our promise to offer an excellent education to ALL our children.

How well we educate the next generation in Minneapolis will determine the future success of our great city. As the founder of the PEACE Foundation, the organization that has since become the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ), Don Samuels has shown an enduring commitment to making sure EVERY child has the chance to succeed. Don has built relationships with educators, parents, and students all around Minneapolis – one of his children attends school in Southwest, one in Northeast, and he is active in many neighborhoods – and he understands what makes schools thrive. 

Don seeks to lead a city-wide conversation about how to change the trajectory of education in our city, make tough decisions in the best interest of our kids, and publicly hold everyone accountable – starting with himself.


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